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Mama Mua - "The Right-Click Agent"

Mama Mua is an IMAP4 message user agent written in Python. It uses Tkinter and Pmw for the user interface. The standard Python run-time libraries do the rest. It is designed to be a mail client for a local network mail server.

If you don't know what IMAP is you probably don't want this mail client. But, if it happens that you get to learn more about IMAP, it may turn out that you want both IMAP and Mama Mua (or write your own client). Why not take a look at The IMAP Connection to find out more.


  • Written in Python.
  • Intended to be cross platform.
  • IMAP4, single host, online.
  • SMTP
  • Menu driven/"right-click" interface.
  • No Buttons.
  • No HTML (almost).
  • MIME support (attachments), quoted printable and base64 encode/decode.
  • Manage multiple folders (create, delete, rename, subscribe, unsubscribe).
  • Manage mails (move, delete, reply, reply to all, forward, print, edit, export, dump raw, open in window)
  • Mail expire date configurable per folder.
  • Trash folder on server.
  • Trash folder limit.
  • Simple address book.
  • Alternate from-addresses can be stored in the address-book with individual signature files.
  • To/Cc-address menu (addressbook, recent addresses, pick from original recipients of forward/reply mail).
  • SMTP thread (does not work in windows yet).
  • Pop up and beep alert when new message arrives.
  • Localized language support (english and swedish provided).
  • Configuration file.
  • Integrated sign/verify/encrypt/decrypt with GPG.
  • Free (Laid-back License Understanding, LLU).



  • 10 sep 2002 rel 0.6: Simple preferences menu (Python > 2.x), open attachments (Python > 2.x) , command help, warning when folder exceeds max size.
  • 28 apr 2002 rel 0.5: Forward now includes attachments. Fixed reconnect.
  • 20 feb 2002 rel 0.4: Possible to select if an iconified window shall be restored from new message pop up window. Display number of days before expire together with number of messages. Reworked "Seen" status so it only relies on standard IMAP and current session state. Message expire date, configurable per folder. Addressbook displays name of target field for selection. Mail notifier displays number of new messages. Quoted printable bugfix (From, To, Cc, Subject). Parse html formatted message contents.
  • 2 jan 2002 0.3: Warning when size of trash folder exceeds limit. Information related to mail addresses stored in the addressbook, not in config file. Pop-up window on new mail. Save window geometry between sessions. Quoted printable encoded from-address. Bugfixes.
  • 4 nov 2001 rel 0.2: Encryption, selectable from address, some rfc homework, trash folder limit.
  • Download

    Download Mama Mua 0.6 (Free)

    Frequently asked question (by the author, especially at dark moments when mail disappear in some black hole in the cyberspace):


    There are so many message user agents already, and good ones, so why write another? Well, I wanted to learn a little about the Python language. And, we were testing an IMAP mail server in the network at home, so we could fetchmail mail from the POP3 account at our ISP and then process it on an arbitray PC in the local network. A solution based on webmail appeared a little awkward, slow and unwillingly integrating (I might change my mind on that). And, although there are a lot of mail programs out there, most of them seemed too generic and configurable, but not designed to take full advantage of a local IMAP-server. And, well, it was - fun.

    /Lars Lundqvist

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